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While Buffalo, NY was getting buried in record snowfall, Tom and I were vacationing in Aruba with perfect weather at 86°, as it sits almost on the equator. Bòn Bini (or welcome in Papamiento, the language of the island)!!! We went with our good friends Tony and Val, and Gert and Drew. They stayed at the Tamarijn, while we stayed at the Divi Divi resort. We could enjoy all amenities at either resort, as well as the Divi Beach resort that sits off the ocean, and travel between them all with golf cart-like transports.

Mi Dushi, Tom and I have been to Aruba five times, including our honeymoon and a wedding of a good friend of ours. We had decided at the beginning of 2014 that we were going to take a break from the Caribbean this year. But then in the summer, while at charity bingo event, our friends invited us to go with them. If they had said they were going to Antiqua or St. Lucia, we would have passed. But we can’t say no to Aruba — there is just no place like it — from the crystal blue water — to the wonderful waves in the ocean — to the amazing tropical drinks, Balashi beer, and outdoor oven pizzas — morning, noon and night. I could list 100 reasons why we love Aruba.

We went away the week before Thanksgiving. And while in Aruba, we were reminded of all the things to be thankful for, including our very good friends. We laughed every day and enjoyed every minute of our trip. And when we said Ayo (goodbye) to Aruba, I knew it wouldn’t be forever. We will meet again.

The video below says it all. Djòdjò (enjoy).

By the way, did you ever see a sunset on the equator? Well, it lasts only about two minutes, so you have to be ready for it — or you’ll miss it! I missed it numerous times until the last night there. It’s my last photo in the video — I finally got it a split second before it was gone. 

A L W A Y S  B E L I E V E !