The Winter Blues

Well, it’s definitely the dead of winter. It’s snowed every day this week. Despite the added stress it adds to the drive to work, It’s actually very beautiful. Monday’s snow was wet and heavy and just hung on all the tree branches. I had to drive to the dentist to have two teeth extracted for my implants. It was terrifying driving on untreated roads. At least there weren’t many people on the roads with me! 

This may not look like much, but it's about 4" of snow on an untreated road.

This may not look like much, but it’s about 4″ of snow on an untreated road.

There’s another storm predicted for Sunday evening into Monday. This one could be a whopper for us, or maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see. Someone told me on the phone today that it’s 41 days until Spring. She was from Boston who had over 30″ of snow with this same storm (above) where we got 5 or 6″ total. She was telling me that Nantucket was without power and they were still trying to get guests off the island. I was grateful that the winter hasn’t been that harsh for us. I hung up with her and my sister text me that this big gigantic storm was coming for Sunday. Oh the irony.

It’s wintertime. And it’s the same every year. It’s project time for me. So this year it’s the master bathroom. When we built/bought the house, it was a spec home, which meant the builder started to build the home and then sold it to us before it was completed. The builder had to choose many items that were ordered ahead, and everything in the bathroom was their choice. It was pretty generic — and cheap. I didn’t mind it at first when everything looked new, but as it got older, the cheap stuff just got ugly. I’d rather not have it if it’s cheap. Or I’d rather pay a few hundred dollars more to have it done right the first time. A light fixture at $79 versus $99 — that’s a no brainer. But I guess for a builder, every $20 they save adds up over 100 houses x 100 light fixtures. And so on.

Wide-planked, engineered hardwood flooring.

Wide-planked, engineered hardwood flooring.

The Winter Blues — blue will be a dominant color for the project — from the countertops to the tile in the shower to the new rug in the bedroom — so I’m calling this my “winter blues” project. I designed the bathroom using Adobe Illustrator and we met with a couple contractors. We chose one who had some excellent suggestions and a beautiful portfolio. He still disagrees with us on the hardwood floor in the bathroom, but I want it to match the new floor he’s putting in the bedroom. Plus, it’s just Tom and me and I read quite a few articles on the use of hardwood as an excellent choice for the bathroom. We will be extra careful not to get water all over it. The flooring is going to run horizontal in the bedroom and vertical in the bathroom for a lovely transition. We’re removing the standard door and putting in french-like doors that will open out.

We’ve scrapped the “soak tub”. We never use the tub and it collects dust and cat hair, and the grout is disgusting. Seriously, the tub looks like it’s 50 years old. It’s gone — trashed. That opens up half of the bathroom. We’re putting in a mega-shower. All glass with a sliding door. We opted out of a swing door to ensure that we’ll get less water on the floor. We’ve been to hotels where we’ve had to line the floor with towels, because you’d open the door and water would gush down the door and all over the floor. We haven’t selected the shower tile yet — not until we determine the countertop.

Recycled glass terrazzo.

Recycled glass terrazzo.

The countertop will be the show piece. I start with a focal point and design from there — it’s how I get a very consistent and well coordinated room. I’m not an interior designer, even though I love to do it. We’re going to Vangura tomorrow talk to them about using IceStone for the countertop and ledges along the shower. IceStone is terrazzo, a recycled material made of broken glass and a composite material. You can use it for all kinds of applications, including flooring. I love it because it’s recycled and just so original. I used terrazzo for my bar countertop a few years ago and it makes the entire room! If we’re a definite go for the Sky Pearl color, the rest of the bathroom will come together quickly.

Our cabinets will be an antique white to contrast the dark hardwood and all of our hardware and fixtures throughout will be the oil-rubbed bronze.

Our contractor has moved us up from a May remodel to a February 23rd start. So now we’re on a fast track and I love it! Having a condensed timeline will actually help us focus and make decisions quicker! Stay tuned for a picture of the final remodel in March. And by that time, we’ll be saying goodbye to the last few days of winter.

Always B E L I E V E !

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