Do You Believe?

I love a good tear jerker movie — or a movie with a heart warming message — they’re usually one in the same. There’s nothing like it to help you relieve any sadness in your heart and fill your with overflowing faith. But the one I watched on Friday evening was just horrible. I cried during the happy times and balled during the sad moments. If I wasn’t sobbing, tears were running down my face. I went through 25 or more kleenex, and I had to throw my contact lenses away and get a new pair! It was kind of stunned when the movie was over. It was just over.

Letters to God. I thought it would be uplifting with a happy ending. I think it hit home too hard for me, as the movie was about a boy with cancer. The movie tried to show how one boy’s cancer affected a whole lot of other people’s lives — and in many cases — were life changing for those people. You could see God working in all these people’s lives, but there’s was nothing subtle about it — it was kind of cheesy and obvious. Although, the part I thought was beautiful was when his friend’s grandpa said to him, “God chose you to be his warrior.” It made the boy feel special and strengthened his faith even more. I thought long on that message.

Did God choose me to have cancer? Well, obviously he did. And I always believed there was a greater purpose for it — for anyone who has an awful illness. It’s how they choose to live life while being dealt such a fateful hand.

Yet, I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone. It is just too sad — I mean, it’s not the kind of tear-jerker where you feel so good in the end at all, and the movie just isn’t that well made.

God is Not Dead. Now this movie is a keeper!!! It’s about one man’s journey from being an atheist to being a believer. Like the movie Letters to God, this movie was not made with a huge budget or high-priced actors. Oh, but it was so well done. A philosophy professor asks his first-year students to write “God is Dead”. One student couldn’t do it and was challenged to prove that God was not dead. And he did just that and so much more — and I could watch it again and probably get more from it a second time! The message was carefully crafted and brilliant.

The production company that made God is Not Dead is Pure Flix Productions — known for making movies with Christian themes. I am looking forward to their Spring 2015 release of “Do You Believe?” It looks to be another tear-jerker, heart-warming, faith-filled movie with a message for all of us.

If you’ve seen either of these movies, please comment on what you thought of them. And if there was a special message you received.

Always B E L I E V E !

Let me know your thoughts!