Let It Go!

Every year I make the same new years resolutions — and I every year I start out strong and my efforts eventually begin to fade. This year, I really thought long and hard about what I needed to change most in my life to make more meaningful resolutions for 2015.

It wasn’t difficult to narrow it down to the things that caused me the most hurt this past year for I spent more than half of the year overthinking everything. I found it difficult to make sound decisions, to inspire (and even difficult to write on my blog), to feel the passion in my life — I found it difficult to just be myself. I felt negative and unhappy — even angry at times. I revisited a post from August, titled, “Those Darn Monkey Bars!“. This post was a good summary of my entire summer and the conflict that was in it. When I read that post, I could feel the anger I felt at that time. Let it go!

It’s no secret that my biggest weakness is trying to make everyone happy. That’s a big flaw when you own and run a company, because it’s just not possible to do that. And I’ve often felt that there are people out there that are good at manipulating situations, knowing this about me. And, because I am always concerned about everyone else’s feelings, I often feel like a newbie with no experience in difficult situations — and I’m left feeling like I didn’t handle things very well at all. I also find myself rethinking things over and over, especially if I hurt someone else — for days, months, even years! Let it go!

So, this year is 2015! It’s the 10th anniversary of my business. It’s the year that everything will be put in order. We’ll celebrate. And I’ll celebrate those who stand beside me and believe in me and believe in MarketSpace. This year I’ve surrounded myself with coaches — from a new life coach — to growth planning coaches for the business — to my most confident of friends. But I will first and foremost listen to the Holy Spirit within me that has always guided me.

My resolution is to not dwell on the past — for I am fully focused on moving forward and not looking back. I am looking forward with all the positivity within me — I am filling my glass back to the top — cheers to optimism! And, I forgive myself for all the hurts that I may have caused in the past for today, I am letting go!

A L W A Y S  B E L I E V E !

p.s. And yes! I’m hearing the soundtrack from Frozen.

Let me know your thoughts!