The Not-So-Magical Moments of Life

I took the day off work so that I could get some chores done around the house, and I was looking forward to sleeping in as it’s been a stressful and sleepless few weeks. Tom put the bird feeders out for me in the morning, so I could hear them tweeting when I woke up — he’s always thinking of me. I did hear them, but so did the cats. Benny bugged me for an hour to go outside while I got my shower and came downstairs. I put him outside and started my indoor chores.

About an hour later, Benny was meowing outside, which I thought was strange — I looked out and he was fine, laying in the grass. I decided to clean the deck and all the bird feeders. That’s when my day went south. I realized Benny was meowing proudly, showing me his toy — he killed one of my little baby birds — a little brown Chipping Sparrow. I was horrified — and made him come inside the house. As I scrubbed the railing along the deck with soap and water, my tears turned to sobbing. I never intended for my bird hobby to become an area for my cats to prey on them. It broke my heart that he got that little bird.

I can’t believe I had that reaction in the first place. I know cats are natural predators, especially when it comes to birds. I guess my birds have become just that — my little birds. I talk to them every morning as I fill up their feeders. I have names for some of them that come back often and sing along the railing. And then there’s the fact that I felt like I somehow contributed — like setting them up to play a game of cat and mouse bird. I just didn’t think that my indoor cats would ever be able to get one of them. And then there’s Benny. He knows I’m mad at him and has been trying every trick in the book to make up with me. I still love you, little guy, even though I’m really hurt at what you did. I know you were so proud, I just couldn’t give you the big pat on the back you thought you deserved.

I took the photos above a few weeks ago of my little backyard birds. While I am still feeling very sad over the little guy that Benny got, I know that it’s all part of life — and it’s one of those little moments that are not so magical. And, It’s all these little non-magical moments in life that build the compassion inside of us.

Always B E L I E V E !

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