Beyond Viral

A lot of clients will say to me, “I want that to go viral, or create something for us that will go viral.” If it were only that easy — that I could snap my fingers and there it is — a viral marketing strategy that exceeded expectations beyond anything imaginable — pure magic. And nobody is quite sure what that mix is that sets something skyrocketing.

The ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, started a campaign in late July that featured celebrities challenging each other to “take the #icebucketchallenge,” to raise awareness for ALS and make a donation. It was about 10 days ago that the challenge hit Pittsburgh when Pittsburgh Penguins’, Sidney Crosby, took the challenge on the local news. And two days ago, my husband Tom was nominated to take the challenge.

My Facebook news feed is filled with friends taking the challenge and challenging each other, making donations — and above all — raising awareness. I’ve never seen anything like it. From national celebrities to everyday moms and dads, from grandparents to aunts and uncles — even children as young as two or three years old — The audience is so all-inclusive. It’s good, clean fun. It’s all these little moments as we come together in one collective effort that I can see God working in our lives.

We donated to, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh that raises awareness for ALS and strives to provide meaningful impact to those affected by the disease locally. A good friend and colleague lost his mother to ALS just a couple of years ago, and his dedication to local and national awareness for ALS is inspiring, as he continues to support scientific research targeted at finding a cure. You can find more information on his efforts at ALS Connections. I can’t even begin to imagine how many millions of dollars this will raise for the ALS Association — and it’s time they found a cure!

In less than three weeks, every person I know has heard of the ice bucket challenge. I guess God is really at work in our lives in a very big way, too. And that’s beyond viral.

Always B E L I E V E .

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