Words That Cut

Words are powerful phrases for how we communicate with each other. It’s often difficult to know when and how to say things to make situations easier. Or sometimes your own frustrations cause you to say things you wish you could take back. Sometimes the people you love the most are the ones whose words cut the deepest.

For me, I can think about something someone says for a very long time and try to analyze it every way possible. Could they have meant something else? Did they say it out of jealously? Or maybe frustration? Is it what they believe or what someone else believes? Why did they say it? Did they know it would hurt me? Did they not realize it would hurt me until after they said it? Was my expression so unreadable that they didn’t think it really bothered me or I cared? Would they have to say something more harsh next time to get a reaction from me? What kind of reaction did they want to achieve? Did I just over analyze a simple statement that someone made? Did it really mean anything at all?

And has the shoe been on the other foot? Have I said something that hurt someone out of spite? Did I try to take it back? Did I know it would hurt someone? Did I hurt someone and not even know I did, because they were so unreadable? Did I say something under my breath out of frustration? Yea, I’m notable for that and not proud of it.

It’s just in my nature to over-analyze every situation, so why would I not try to figure out what something meant that someone said to me that cut to the heart? I know we’re more than halfway through Lent, but now I know that for what’s left of this Lenten season, I’m going to be more aware of everything around me. Instead of having to analyze someone’s words, maybe I could have done something so that words would never have occurred in the first place.

Always B E L I E V E.

Let me know your thoughts!