A Bright Spot: Aperture or ISO?

Everyone is groaning about the weather. This has been one of the worst winters on record — and we’re expecting more snow tonight. This past week, we got 7-8″ of snow in one night with some freezing rain. And to top that off, I caught strep throat from a coworker. Luckily I had an extra Z-pak and started antibiotics right away. Blah.

But there was a bright spot. Tom and I started our introduction to digital photography course at the college on Thursday. We had bought a new digital camera at Christmas, and had researched cameras for some time before selecting the Nikon D7100 based on reports and reviews. I loved that Nikon had an entire support community behind it.

This camera has an Auto mode — meaning we can just go out and take pretty nice pictures with it. But it also has a completely manual mode with all kinds of features that I couldn’t even begin to understand. I had two semesters of photography in college — and I loved that course. My parents bought me an old 1970-something Nikon camera from a used camera store in Beaver Falls for the class. It was completely manual with just a few basic functions — aperture (f/stops) and shutter speed. It had one basic lens and was a great camera that served its purpose. We used black and white film and developed it in the classroom — this was back in 1987 — long before digital cameras, and long before any good digital cameras. I knew that the theory from my college classes likely still pertained to my new DSLR camera, but like I said — there are tons of other features.

This three-hour course started with all the basic theory of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and reviewed all the options within those three main functions of the camera. It was amazing how much came back to me from school. Poor Tom looked at me at one point, and I could see that he was having a hard time following. When I got up this morning, he was reading the manual and said to me, “Well, I got it all figured out!” I was like, “Oh yea, that’s great!” and he said, “Yea, I know how to charge the battery and turn on the camera.” He’ll figure it out when we get the chance to go out and shoot.

Watching Olympics

Watching the Olympics with Benny.

So tonight while Tom went to church, and I stayed curled up on chair with the cat, I flipped through our manual and tested myself on what we had learned in class. And then I snapped a photo with Instagram on my iPhone and immediately felt comfortable with that process.

Ah, I’m looking forward to brighter days — and hopefully by the time spring arrives, we’ll be taking amazing photos. And hopefully that day is not too far away.

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