Cage 41

I thought maybe my new diet was making me emotional today. It’s day three on Weight Watchers, and I’m working so hard to keep to my points!!! It was a busy day, but as I left the office after 6 pm, something happened that made me incredibly sad, and I haven’t been able to shake it.

I ordered a new refrigerator for the office and got a call from Lowes Home Improvement as I left the office to tell me they were delivering it on Monday. So I called my sister, Debbie on my way home to let her know she needed to get in touch with the plumber on Monday for the water lines. I asked her how her day was, and she told me she had just come from the vet, because her cat Jessie had a bladder or kidney infection. And then what she told me made me so incredibly sad that I couldn’t even tell Tom about it. In fact, he’ll probably read it here before I ever tell him. I can’t tell him, because every time I think about it, I cry.

Poor KittyOn December 13th, we had taken Sid and Benny to the vet for their annual check ups. Tom was going to get both cats examined while I zipped down the road to see my dentist. We go to the same vet as Debbie. And that’s where I met the kitty in cage #41.

After getting my two cats situated in an exam room with Tom and before I left for the dentist, I decided to check out the kitties they had for adoption. I started with the kittens to my left — there were five or six of them bouncing around. They were cute. Then there were these three cages stacked up to the right. The top cat was black, but I started to play with the yellow cat in the middle cage. And that’s when the kitty in cage #41 got my attention. He was on the bottom and I didn’t notice him at first. He was jumping up at down, running back and forth. I stooped over and started to pet him through the cage. He was so happy to see me, he started purring and giving my hand little head butts. He was so friendly and I loved him right away. I didn’t want to leave for the dentist.

When I got back from the dentist, Tom was almost done — he was just waiting for Sid’s blood work to come back. That’s when I told him I wanted to adopt a cat in the waiting room. He told me he’d divorce me first. I was half joking, but the other half of me fell in love with that big guy in cage #41. We checked him out on our way out and Sid hissed at him. I joked with the woman at the desk that I wanted to take him home for Christmas, and Tom said if he was still there after Christmas I could have him. He was totally joking. And the woman said she would call me. All in jest. And it was for the best — Benny would never like another boy cat taking my attention away from him. I could see how disastrous that would be. He watched us leave and I looked away, texting my sister about him later that day.

I brought him up many times over the holiday. He just stuck with me. When I left that day, somehow I felt like I was leaving him behind. Well, I was leaving him behind. I left him behind. But, I knew he would be adopted by a great family for Christmas!

Except tonight I learned that he wasn’t. He still sits all alone in cage #41. He sat in cage #41 through all the holidays and nobody came for him. It’s makes me so sad to think about him — the guy with all the personality — stuck in a cage for so long! Stuck in a cage over the holidays all by himself. Probably sitting there wondering if anyone was ever going to take him home. I hung up the phone with my sister and as I pulled into my housing plan, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It just broke my heart that he was still there. That nobody wanted him.

I pray tonight that kitty in cage #41 finds a good home. And for all the pets up for adoption that they find good homes — for they depend on us. And I pray for all those abused pets and lost pets and scared and frightened pets — for they all depend on us.

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    1. Pam Believes Post author

      I’m sorry Megan, it makes me sad too. I named him Oliver or Ollie for short. I know somebody will fall in love with him!


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