Christmases Past

I feel like I was in the Chevy Chase movie, “Christmas Vacation,” — the scene where Clark Griswold is sitting in the attic watching 8 mm home movies. Yesterday I started to go through our 8 mm home movies, looking for glimpses of my Dad and my grandparents. I’ve been feeling very sentimental the last couple of days as we get closer to Christmas, and I knew there was a lot of Christmas footage through the years.

My Dad took every single piece of 8 mm footage himself, except for his wedding video and a couple other small tidbits. My Mom gave me all the movies to have them converted — and she knew I would cherish them. I have hours and hours worth of movies — it’s such a treasure!!! I’m sure Dad didn’t realize he was doing it at the time, but he captured so many relatives on film. I have more images of my grandparents on film than photographs.

I dedicate this compilation to the Miller Family Christmases past — to Mom, Bob, Debbie, Tom and Aunt Mary. And in loving memory of my Dad, Theresa and Frank Miller (my grandparents), Laura and John Knowlson (my grandparents), and Tony and Midge Ditoro (Tommy’s Godparents) who are all shown in this movie.

Merry Christmas to all!

Let me know your thoughts!