Christmas Magic

Christmas magic is something that truly only comes once a year. It’s a time when it’s easier to see all those magic moments in the celebrations of the season or the kind works of charity that come with this time of year.

Last year I spent Christmas in the hospital. I remember it well — my private room, quiet and all alone on Christmas Eve — it was peaceful. My mom and sister had decorated my window sill with an old fashioned ceramic Christmas tree, a small manger and a fiber optic tree that all the nurses came to see. They said it was the best tree in the whole wing. I loved looking at the sparkling window sill in the dark. 

Somehow it still felt like Christmas and I was exactly where God wanted me to be. I had received a very inspirational email from my neighbors on Christmas Eve. I had always believed that God had a plan for us — and that verse Jeremiah 29:11 shows itself to me over and over again. And after reading this perfectly timed email, I repeated it over and over during my stay. The doctors had told me that the procedure they were doing would likely result in days or weeks of sickness, and that I would probably be in the hospital a couple of weeks after the procedure. Miraculously, there was not a sign of sickness after the procedure, and I went home right way. Because I believed in the Christmas magic and the miracle that it brought. And last year gave me a new perspective on Christmas this year.

Christmas magic means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it’s the joy of watching their children open gifts on Christmas morning. For others, it’s giving of their time and resources to make Christmas better for someone less fortunate. For me, it’s making Christmas special for my family, friends and my company and looking for opportunities to give back.

Believe in GoodIt’s definitely different for me this year. Somehow maybe I’m seeing the true meaning of Christmas more clearly for the first time. There have been moments during the days leading up to Christmas that have brought me so much joy in my heart. At MarketSpace, we gave back by bringing Christmas to a family with seven children. It’s been a tough year with their father out of work for more than a year. We collected more than $1,500 and brought them a Christmas to remember. I had asked my staff to throw in the money they collect for a gift for me each year. They were hesitant, but I insisted. In return, instead of an expensive gift, my staff made me this simple poster — Believe there is good in the world. When Trish gave it to me during our Christmas party, she said something about this gift represented all that I am. When I opened the package and read the words, it was truly a magic moment. There were no words to express what those simple words meant to me. This gift was greater than anything else they could have given me.

When you show kindness, the joy you get back is greater than anything you can imagine. It’s infectious. And it changes who you are. That’s the magic of Christmas.

Always B E L I E V E.

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