Vanilla Acceptance

I don’t know why I’m shocked by the news anymore. It’s not so much the sensationalism, but the news topics themselves. Yesterday it was news from Calgary’s St. Basil Elementary and Junior High School in Canada — ending their honor “honour” roll program. Why? Because it hurt the feelings of the students who didn’t achieve and make the honor roll. What kind of incompetent leaders are running that school district anyways? And no, it’s not really my concern, but it speaks volumes to what’s happening with what I call “vanilla acceptance.”

We need to celebrate achievements!!! And for those who don’t reach that top prize — work to improve and constantly grow. What’s the incentive to do better — to be proud of your accomplishments? We all fail, but every time we do, we grow and it molds us into the people that we become. It’s like giving the trophy to all the teams just because they wanted to win. We all like to win — and most of us desire to be the best — but we need to learn early on that there’s always going to be somebody better, quicker, more talented and smarter than we are. That’s life. That’s the real world. It’s how we learn from those disappointments that make us better.

I can remember not making the majorette squad for the high school band. I was devastated and I never twirled the baton again. It was such a huge blow — such a huge disappointment, because I had twirled since I was very young. I lacked the self confidence to try again, because the older majorettes were such mean girls. And when tryouts came the next year, and one of my friends asked me to tryout again, I didn’t want to do it anymore. So I didn’t twirl again, but I did improve my self confidence that helped shape who I am today. I’m sure my parents were disappointed for me, but they didn’t march into the tryouts and demand that I be put on the squad. They accepted that I didn’t perform my best that day, and they knew that I lacked the confidence more than the talent. What happened to parents that actually held you accountable for your achievements? It’s my observation that that kind of parenting is fading away — replaced by parents who’ve become competitive amongst themselves — teaching their children how to get around the rules.

So, taking away the honor roll really punishes everyone — those who achieve and deserve the recognition — and those who needed to look inside themselves to understand where they need to improve. God gave us all different talents. Not everybody is going to make the honor roll. And at the end of the day, many of the students who don’t make the honor roll just don’t put in the time or effort needed to make the grade.

Speaking of not making the grade — the Obama administration has certainly taken every opportunity to punish those who contribute to society, while rewarding those lazy people who sit at home on their butts all day long, expecting the government to take care of them. I understand that there are those people who have handicaps and other situations where it’s our responsibility to care for them. And that people can be down on their luck. It’s our responsibility to help them. But I’m referring to the other 80 percent of people who do as little as required for their handout.

And speaking of Canada — why would we hire a Canadian firm to build the Obamacare website? Why do we take jobs away from those right here in the states? And then when they screw it up, we continue to pay them — with our taxes — to fix what they didn’t get right the first time?! I won’t even get started on Obamacare — I’m obviously not a supporter of it — or anything about Obama and his self-righteous administration — or the current government leadership as a whole — no matter what the party affiliations.

So tonight on the news, there’s an issue with a teacher that’s requiring all her students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. She told a female student that if she didn’t want to do it, then to move to another country. Okay, not the best thing to say to the student, but she has a point that this is America, and we respect our flag and our freedom. She’s been suspended, pending some kind of ridiculous diversity training. What I call vanilla acceptance — no longer standing for anything (the principles this country was built upon) and accepting everything that means nothing to 99 percent rest of us. The mother on the news in a tizzy that her child has the right to do whatever she wants. So that’s two issues — one that she doesn’t respect America and what it stands for — and two that she can do whatever she wants, no rules. So my question to this mother would be — when her daughter is 23 and has her first job in the real world — is she going to tell her employer that she can do whatever she wants there too? Because that’s what she’s teaching her. It’s really quite unbelievable that we’re breeding a generation without accountability.

Vanilla acceptance. It’s not any kind of prejudice against other people and their beliefs. It’s about losing what’s important in our society. It’s creating a culture of faithlessness. A culture that lacks morales and values. A culture that lets go of our American pride for an anything goes mentality.

Let me know your thoughts!