Music to My Ears

So we got this new organist at St. Gregory’s who is still getting used to things at our church. I’ve only been at mass twice since he’s been there, but most of the time I feel like we’re in slow motion when we sing traditional songs — you know — the ones you know by heart. I couldn’t even sing during the offertory gifts last night. I looked at Tom and did the “slow motion running man,” and it cracked him up and gave us a little comic relief.

But, this new guy plays the piano. And he plays it beautifully! As I was sitting there during communion, and he continued to play after all the versus had been sung, it reminded me of fond memories years ago. I tried not to sway in my seat as he played the long strings and melodies. Just wonderful!

My good friend, Susan introduced me to the most fantastic piano artist when we carpooled in the 1990’s to work. We had a good 45 minute drive and besides writing my book together, talking about our Dads and growing up on the farm — romanticizing our early years — we explored music together. It was good for me, because at that time, I was listening to a lot of classic rock, current rock and some pop, and I think Susan wasn’t too fond of any of those.

Danny Wright "Phantasys" album.

Danny Wright “Phantasys” album (album cover screen shot from iTunes).

So I’m sitting in church making a mental note to look up Danny Wright on iTunes, and see if I can purchase his music from the 90’s. All my music from those days were cassette tapes, and I don’t have anyway to transfer it to my iTunes. Imagine my surprise when I realized there are almost 40 albums by Danny Wright — everything from Christmas music to patriotic music. And, they had the 1988 release of “Phantasys,” the album Susan and I listened to. It was like sweet music to my ears, remembering those carefree days when I really didn’t have a care in the world.

So if you love listening to the piano, or you never have before, take a few minutes to check out Danny Wright on iTunes. And if you pull up Phantasys, check out the song, “Spring.” It’s worth listening to and guaranteed to take you to another place and time.

Always B E L I E V E !

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