“Stun the World”

The Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh is a sports town — the Steelers, the Penguins and the Pirates — no matter if you love sports or not — you’re sucked into the playoffs when they roll around.

My husband is a sports nut — and has been since the day I met him — knowing trivial statistics that have no real significance to life, but somehow pleases him and all his buddies — they seem to know the same kinds of stuff. It’s really quite intriguing!

And all year long, he faithfully and tirelessly follows all his teams, rooting them on whether the team is good or bad. He makes time to watch the games — and actually enjoys them — that always amazes me. To me, it’s somewhat meaningless as players attempt to do the same thing over and over again to score. Tom tells me that there’s all kind of strategy involved and that’s what’s exciting to watch. Okay, I guess there’s that.

In Pittsburgh, there’s fewer of us that don’t watch games than do. Even my girlfriends go to games or tailgate, plan parties and faithfully watch the games with their hubbies. Okay, so plan parties. That’s when it gets interesting for me! To plan the party and the food and enjoy the company while not really watching the game. That’s my kind of game.

And that’s the playoffs for all of us in Pittsburgh. Whether you’re a fair-weathered fan (only when winning) or faithful to the death, everyone roots during the playoff games. Don’t get me wrong, I always root for our Pittsburgh teams — I just don’t care to watch the games. My husband is a happy camper when his teams win — and the entire town is buzzing when our teams are winning. I’d prefer a movie on Lifetime any day. Or maybe read a good book on my Kindle.

So, the Pittsburgh Pens have been in the playoffs for the past month or so. Tonight is the game that will determine the fate of the Pens for the Stanley Cup. The Pens have lost the first three games of the seven game series to the Boston Bruins. And while there’s nothing funny about that, it’s been comical to see the superstitions throughout the season and how fans are changing those superstitions to somehow sway the fate of their beloved Pens.

After the first home game, one guy burned his couch. Yep, he and his friends had used a different couch during the other games — so they burned the new one and went back to the old. After the second game, fans were shaving off their “playoff beards.” Yep, they had to do something to turn around fate. Even this week, my husband and I decided that the Pens lost every time we watched a game in our basement. Tom could name every game that he watched at Peters’ Pub — the Pens losing each one of those games. So we watched this week’s game from our living room — to no avail.

So tonight, I’m going back to old my ways — I don’t normally watch the game — so I’m not watching it tonight. Maybe, just maybe, it’s been me all along.

Tonight we all need a little extra faith. Let’s Go Pens! As one my employees put it best this week, “stun the world!”

Let me know your thoughts!