Miracles Do Happen Everyday

This weekend was my friend, Jen’s baby shower. So back on February 6, I posted that “miracles happen everyday,” and I had a secret. Well, the secret has long been out that Jen and her husband Mikey were having a baby. And while a baby is always a miracle — for Jen and Mikey — it was a long time coming. I was overjoyed at the news — and just as much overjoyed when she told me they were having a baby girl. A daughter. A sweet, precious little girl. Sigh…..

The shower was nice, because I got to sit at a table with old acquaintances — two from my previous employer and two who have left MarketSpace within the last year. And it didn’t take long for one these friends to tell me about the last few years and her bout with ovarian cancer. I didn’t know — and it wasn’t like Jen to gossip, especially when it involved something personal with someone she cared about. She went on to tell me her story — about her surgery and how she went through chemo treatments for an entire year — completely clean and cancer free after that time. But then there was a scare recently where spots showed up in her abdomen on her CT scan. It would mean treatments directly to her abdomen. It meant starting this all over. And I know better than anyone the defeat that comes with this kind of news. The defeat, the fear, the panic, the resolve, the strength and the courage to move forward. That’s kind of the process that happens within a very short period of time.

She prayed. I wished I had known, because I would have prayed too. She lit candles — and she went to a healing mass with her sister.

I’d be a little timid of a “healing mass” too, as she was when her sister first brought it up. You see it on TV and think, “this is all for show.” But, I believe. My aunt when to a healing mass in South Carolina — with Father Fernando Suarez when she was very sick. She needed to have surgery and we were all praying for her. She went to this healing mass and when Fr. Suarez laid his hands on her, she fainted. Just like the shows you see on TV, she dropped to the ground and they moved her to the side of the stage with others that had also fainted. When she came to quite a bit later, she couldn’t believe she had actually passed out. She had this feeling come over her body that caused her faint. That next week, she went in for her surgery, was prepped and in the operation room when her doctor realized she no longer needed the surgery — a problem that had escalated over two months and there was really no way for it to heal without surgery. When she was brought to from the anesthesia, the doctor talked to her about how this was quite impossible — and she asked him to pray with her — and together they prayed aloud in the recovery room. It was her miracle — her healing miracle from God.

And for my friend, it was the same story. While she didn’t have hands laid upon her, she prayed during the mass — and her sister prayed — and together their faith was so strong, and there were so many prayers offered for the sick — that she had her own miracle. The spots were just gone — and the doctor had no explanation for how that could happen.

I think it’s interesting that she said to me, “I have always believed in miracles — I just didn’t think they could happen to me.” I think we all feel that way. You hear stories and you think it happens to other people. If you truly believe — and you open your heart to the love of God — you can have your own miracles. And not only that, you are rejuvenated by the miracles happening all around you, everyday. You see miracles in the simplest of things and miraculous stories find their way to you. I had no idea I’d walk into Jen’s baby shower and hear about a wonderful miracle.

I sat there as Jen opened her gifts, watching her smile and hold up the cutest little baby girl outfits. She absolutely glowed! This miracle couldn’t have happened to a more wonderful friend — what a great Mother she will be. And next to me sat someone I hadn’t seen in eight years — and she too had her own miracle in that time.

God shows us miracles everyday.  Just  B E L I E V E !

Let me know your thoughts!