Finally — Closure

For those of you following my Reserved Parking space dilemma, it appears to be over as quickly as it started! Wednesday marked the week and half point and I had had enough — I was tired of their endless tactics — and on top of a busy work week, we just didn’t need this.

Wednesday morning I came into work and parked away from everyone else as I had been doing for the past week. The guys were still at it — the minivan that had been parked overnight since this started was still planted right next to the reserved spot, while his buddy who drove the mega truck with the “#1 Dad” stickers was crooked in my reserved space, along with whatever other vehicles they’ve pulled into this game. I came into the building and stopped on the platform on level two to rest, because my laptop bag was unusually heavy — and Debbie is off on Wednesdays — she usually gives me a hand when I buzz her.

From the platform, I could see the parking lot and watched a woman race across the parking lot in her car and whip into a spot like she had an emergency! I watched her get out and realized she was the woman from their office — so I watched her for a minute. She came across the lot and stopped in her tracks, seeing her buddies were still at it. She nodded and smiled at that — and then she took a step back so she could look down the row of vehicles until she saw mine at the end. She started laughing and came into the building. I slipped over to the one side of the landing so she couldn’t see me, then I continued up another level to my office. I felt deflated at what I just witnessed — I just couldn’t understand it, because I had never even noticed these vehicles ever at our office. Where did they come from and why are they harassing me? Why are they still harassing me? What triggered them to start harassing me in the first place — the sign had been up for more than two months? And I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t drop my bags on the landing and confront the woman! I kept thinking, “turn the other cheek, just walk away.”

I was telling one of my employees about the woman while I was watching her from the landing, and she told me that she was getting concerned for her safety — who knew what these guys were capable of — it’s unbelievable that they are still keeping up with this whole game. Last week my employees were ready to confront and engage them, this week they were all backing away, unsure of what these guys were going to do.

So, I spoke to my Landlord one last time and told him that it had gone too far. This wasn’t a game anymore to my employees and many of them were concerned about what these guys would do next. I wanted the sign removed and wanted them to stop the harassment. And, if they continued to make my staff feel uneasy in any way, we would need to consider other options for our office space. Obviously, not something I wanted to even consider! But, this was not something I was going to let go on for much longer.

It was 3:45 when my Landlord called me back to tell me the sign would be removed that evening. I thanked him. He also assured me that the matter was resolved. He didn’t go on to say how that happened. He told me to let him know if we had even the tiniest incident with any of this particular group. I assured him I would. Then he let me know the reserved space would be replaced by a Handicap-parking place in the coming days. I argued that I did NOT want him to do that any longer— I just want this to all go away — I didn’t want anymore harassment. So I’m hoping that if they put it in, it doesn’t start this all over again.

At 4 pm, I noticed the minivan was gone. It had been parked there for more than a week! I don’t know what time it left. And the #1 Dad sticker truck had moved from the reserved to a spot next to me. I had hoped it didn’t park next to me on purpose (I watched it drive away at 5 pm on the dot, both guys got into it and they didn’t even look at my SUV.) As a matter of fact, all of the parking had opened up — there were hardly any vehicles along the front.

I felt like it was over. I was flooded with relief! This morning, Thursday, all of the parking was open back to normal. There were spots all along the front. The reserved sign was gone, but our regular parkers were there. These guys were nowhere to be seen. Somehow as quickly as it started, it ended — just like that, we had a sense of peace.

Let me know your thoughts!