Being Bullied

Some people should be ashamed of themselves.

I had asked my Landlord at the office if they would consider putting in a handicap-parking place for me after my surgery, because there was none close to our building door. While I still had to climb three flights of steps, parking closer would definitely help. He was able to quickly put in a Reserved Parking place for myself while he worked on the other.

It took me three years to admit that I even needed a handicap placard in the first place. And equally took a lot for me to even call and ask this. I would give it up in a second to have the ability to walk long distances and not have excruciating neuropathy in my feet every night — to be able to leap up a flight of stairs without my legs burning or sciatic pain — to be able to hike in the woods again — or just go Christmas shopping with my sister at the mall. Or most of all, just have no cancer or never have had it! There is nothing worse than asking someone to carry your groceries up three flights of stairs, because you can barely get up them yourself.

Well, it’s now an issue with one of the other tenants. So instead of understanding why it was requested and granted — they took it upon themselves to act like children, parking all of their vehicles in all of the closest parking spaces, including my Reserved Parking space. We have been unsuccessful with our requests to move them. I have been so nice to them, asking politely and even signing my name, so that if they want to confront me, they can. But these guys — they are cowards.

What is wrong with people today? This one guy has stickers all over his truck that says things like #1 Dad, Butler Hockey, etc. He should be ashamed! He’s a Dad and he acts like this. What’s he teaching his kids? Today we stalked them a bit, getting photos of both instigators from our office windows. They are big contractors, able-bodied men in their 40’s. And jackasses.

My Landlord is working on expediting my handicap-parking place. He apologized and told me that he received a letter from one of their tenants that they were offended that I was being given preferential treatment. And even after explaining the situation, these guys have the balls to play these games with us — purposely acting like immature children. Our Landlord is at a loss, he can’t believe what’s happening.

People are so quick to judge others. What’s the quote, “be nice as everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” They see me and they don’t see cancer, surgeries or pain, because I rarely let it show. They see what I drive and how I dress — and they make assumptions that the President of MarketSpace is getting preferential treatment. They make the assumption that I’m some high maintenance, high fluent woman is asking for special privileges. I could make assumptions about them — the kind of cocky, boozer types that they are, but I won’t! The way they are acting and the childishness of their parking game is beyond ridiculous!

You never know what someone else is going through. You just don’t. And situations like this only generate animosity. Yesterday, I was so angry. Today, I’m just shocked at their lack of maturity.

It’s amazing that bullies never really grow up.

Let me know your thoughts!