Signs of Spring

So the first day of Spring is less than two days away! The signs are all around us. My cats think it’s Spring, because the birds wake them up every morning with their happy chirping. And every day I come down the stairs to go to work and there’s Sid, sitting at the front door, quietly begging to go outside to patiently watch those birds. I say the same thing to her every day, “Sid, it’s about 25° outside, it’s not Spring!”

Today was no different. Only along with the birds chirping, I could hear the ice pelting the windows. We were getting hit with an ice storm that lasted until early afternoon before turning to rain. By 2 pm today, the trees sparkled as they were covered with the most beautiful coating of ice — but, so was the parking lot — and that’s not beautiful at all. All I could think about was my doctor’s words, “think twice about going out in the snow or ice. If you fall, it will be detrimental to your recovery…” So, I stood at the top of my driveway, said a silent prayer to God, and against my better judgment, headed to work. But thankfully, I made it safely to work, thinking “baby steps, baby steps,” as I made my way into the building.

Last week, my sister and I watched a pack of Canadian Geese come through our parking lot at work. They were squawking so loudly, we couldn’t help but notice. Sometimes I think this is God’s way of pulling us out of our daily grind to take a few minutes and notice what is going on with his beautiful world. Three of these geese landed on the building across the parking lot from ours and have kind of taken up residence there. This morning I noticed they were just hanging out in the freezing rain, probably wondering why the heck they came North so soon! By noon, they were gone. Poor little guys — the roof was probably just too icy for them to stay up there. I’ll have to look for them again tomorrow!

Even though we got pelted with freezing rain today, the signs of Spring are all around us! I start watching for Robins on March 1st. When I see the first fat Robin outside, I know that Spring is only weeks away. Of all the birds I’ve seen, I haven’t seen a Robin yet — oh I hope that doesn’t mean they know something we don’t. But even with the freezing rain today, the birds were singing like crazy outside — like it was 60°! That made me smile, because it’s only a matter of time.

I’m also waiting for my Easter flowers to pop up — my Crocuses and Daffodils. The Crocuses usually come up right through the snow and the Daffodils are right behind them. I have actual Easter Lilies that I got from the altar at St. Gregory’s a few years ago after Easter, but those don’t come up until June and they bloom all Summer. I’ve already noticed other little signs like earthworms coming out with the rain. And, I’m anxiously waiting to hear the frogs in Little Creek, the stream just a short distance from our home. The trees are getting ready to burst with green, some of them are turning a deep red, signs that their buds are ready to bloom.

Spring — ah, it’s the best time of the year! Everything is fresh and new — the gray of winter is washed away with the lush green of water-saturated grass. The dull and drab colors of leafless trees are replaced by vivid green leaves, many with thousands of tiny little blooms in white or pink. Flowers add touches of color to every yard — it makes me think that God is accessorizing with splashes of brilliant color, much like I accessorize my living room with colorful pillows. When my lilacs are blooming, it’s literally a watercolor painting along the side of my home.

There are so many signs from God that Spring is near. Yes, that is my thought for this cold and icy day. It’s no coincidence that Easter occurs during Spring — a time of rebirth and renewal — such an alignment with Jesus’ resurrection to new life. There are so many signs of rebirth of things we can see and things we believe.

Take time to notice and always  B E L I E V E .

Let me know your thoughts!