Being the Bad Guy

So I slept in on Saturday until 11 am. Ah, it felt great, but that didn’t leave much time to get anything done before church! My biggest priority was giving Benny a bath. Now if you have cats you know that they don’t require a bath on any kind of regular schedule. I actually cannot recall that we ever gave Benny a bath.

Benny loves the sink! You think he's love getting a bath!

Benny loves the sink! You’d think he’d love getting a bath, wouldn’t you?

But Benny had a lot of dandruff and when I would try to brush it out (oh he LOVED that), his coat seemed to get a little bit greasy. He was also scratching a lot. So I decided he needed a good shampooing and maybe that would make his skin feel better.

Tom and I got him into the wash tub in the laundry room and as soon as we turned the water on, he started to freak out. Boom, he was out of the tub and ran through the kitchen and into the living room. So we started all over and I carried him back to the tub with him whining and meowing loudly. This time we shut the door to the laundry room. I held him as tight as I could and hosed him with the spray hose, but he kept squirming all around trying to avoid the water. I think I was more wet than he was!

Finally he was wet enough all over and Tom worked on sudsing him up while I held him tight with his head nestled in my neck. All I kept thinking was “please don’t bite me.” He was so tense and trying to hard to jump out of that tub! Tom held him down as I rinsed him off, making sure there were no suds. Then I wrapped a big towel around him and tried him off in the towel. He looked like a fluffy drowned rat and he was too cute. He kept walking around shaking his back legs, stopping and licking his fur and looking at me as if I ruined his day.

He was completely dry in an hour and was so fluffy — I don’t think he’s ever been that fluffy! And he got over being mad at me pretty quick. I found some of his favorite toys and he was my best bud again in no time.

Let me know your thoughts!