One Day Things Will Get Better

Even Sid likes the orange cat on the stepping stone. She thinks it's hers.

Even Sid likes the orange cat on the stepping stone. She thinks it’s hers.

Ok, so last week after my sister and I started to plan my the details of my Mom’s retirement party (about a month away!), I had gone on to look for a gift from us kids. I was looking for something that we could get her that she would enjoy in her garden or around her house. We were thinking a handmade bird house or some kind of mosaic garden stones. Well in looking for her, I came across this awesome stepping stone for my own garden!

Mosaic glass tiles make up this design.

Mosaic glass tiles make up this design. I love the little pink, translucent tile that makes up his nose.

Now, I’m not into cutesy kinds of things, but I love mosaics, especially if they’re custom and creative. This one made me laugh and the little orange cat was just too “cute.” Okay, so it is cute, but it’s not cute like the cartoony cute. The saying says, “One day things will get better, until then, here’s a picture of a cat.” I don’t know why, but that was just funny to me.

Now as a designer, I think the typopgraphy could have been designed so that there wasn’t a hyphenation right in the middle of the word “Picture.” And it’s not like there wasn’t room to reconfigure it on the tile (or you’re on my blog where I can’t figure out how to get the text to stop hyphenating). But, I loved it enough to overlook that. And it’s really quite delightful in person. I can’t wait to figure out where to put it! That was the first question Tom asked me and then he said, “ugh, this thing is really heavy.”

Let me know your thoughts!