St. Lucia — Here We Come!

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So we booked our summer vacation yesterday. We decided on St. Lucia which wasn’t even part of the original poll. We’re staying at the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa on the southern, Atlantic side of St. Lucia. And we couldn’t be more excited!

The lazy river at the Coconut Bay & Spa Resort in St. Lucia

The lazy river at the Coconut Bay Resort & Spa in St. Lucia.

This resort looks awesome. It has a water park, complete with a meandering lazy river. Now that’s my speed and I can imagine spending hours in the lazy river alone! The beach looks just a beautiful.

The island is very mountainous and was formed from volcanoes like all of the other caribbean islands. We’re definitely planning to see the Pitons, the most famous volcanic mountains. There’s just so much to do and see and that’s what’s exciting, because we’ve never been here before. There’s banana plantations, fishing villages (which I personally want to visit), a tropical rainforest and more. We’re definitely going to the Sulphur Springs and Botanical Gardens where I see we can take a therapeutic mud bath before rinsing off in the waterfalls. Now how incredible does that sound?

There’s a Catamaran sail around the northern caribbean side of St. Lucia. We’ll have to see how far that is from our resort. I’d hate to spend 2 hours or more on a bus. There’s a Segway tour which sounds like fun — I have to first head to Station Square in Pittsburgh to see if I can actually maneuver one of those! There’s ziplining, which I know I’m not allowed to do, but they have an aerial cable car that goes through the rainforest. That will be my speed! And shopping galore! It sounds like they specialize in artisan jewelry and silk and batik fabrics. I definitely look forward to shopping here. There’s fishing tours, dolphin spotting and sunset cruises. I think the thing I’m most excited about is checking out their exotic flora in the rainforest. Any photos I’ve seen are just incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Oh and there’s festivals during the summer. Their Feast of St. Rose De Lima is August 30. From what I’ve read, they celebrate the entire month of August, so I’m hoping something may be going on while we’re there. St. Rose of Lima is my hometown parish from Darlington, PA. She’s always depicted with a rose. I think this is a really cool tie to St. Lucia. They celebrate with parades through town where natives dress as kings and queens. There’s all kinds of heritage around this festival and I plan to research it more before we go.

And lastly, they have a casino. It’s small with only 250 slots and a few table games. They say it’s easy to take a ferry to Martinique to do some serious gambling. So I guess if we’re so inclined, we could check out a neighboring island. But I’m sure we’ll be content with the nightly entertainment at our resort for the most part.

So if you’ve ever been to St. Lucia, please let me know what you recommend we do and see. I’m anxious to hear from you!

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