Whoop Whoop “To Tom”

I love this man!

I love this man!

Saturday night went by like a blur. So to back up a bit, we planned a big party to celebrate my good news. I spent the day making pulled pork, Pittsburgh Potatoes and a spice cake. Tom helped too, cleaning up and sweeping the rooms, doing a few dishes for me. We went to mass at 5 pm at Saint Gregory’s and then Tom helped set up for Bingo for the next day. The party kicked off at about 7:30 pm when we got home from church.

We had a ton of great food — and certainly our fair share of alcohol. Jess and Spencer had fun playing bartenders, making all kinds of crazy drinks and shots with all the selection of bottles in our bar. I would be having a conversation and we’d hear “Whoop, whoop, ‘to Pam!'” Both Tom and Spencer raising their hands high into the air and everyone around the room would salute and cheer. It’s a saying from our vacation last year to Antigua. You’d hear “whoop, whoop,” at any given time in celebration, usually involving alcohol. They must have done this 10 times or more. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

I think it’s always good to celebrate the good times. And while I’m not out of the woods yet, the news we got was certainly worth celebrating. When you’re living with something like cancer or any other disease, you have to find those special moments in life and really appreciate them. It not only fills you with joy, it fills all those around you with the same beautiful light.

This celebration wasn’t just about me. It was just as much about Tom. Tom is the most important person in my life. He’s with me everyday. He hears when I cry myself to sleep. He listens to me when I break down. He takes days off work to go and hold my hand when we go to the doctors to get news. He’s always there for me — he always makes sure I’m okay — if I’m happy, if I need anything. And, he constantly reassures me. How did I ever find a man like this? He is the epitome of selflessness.

So today, I raise my glass to Tom, “whoop, whoop, ‘to Tom!'” and to all those friends who make this journey with me — I love you all. Cheers!

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