So Monday I had a CT Scan to see if the procedure done over Christmas had any effect on the tumor in my pelvis. I had scheduled this test three weeks before and a follow-up appointment with the doctor the day after so we could review the scan together. The moment I put the scan on my calendar, the anxiety started. I wasn’t sleeping well, on edge, I had a shorter temper. Then on top it, I’m allergic to the contrast dye that gets injected during the test. So they give me prednisone that has its own set of side effects. So while I’m nervously waiting for my results, I feel like I have the flu! This is the one time in my life that I have a very difficult time staying positive. I need to prepare myself for the worst, but hope for the best. In the past 12 years, I’ve probably had close to 40 CT Scans. You’d think I’d learn how to relax and trust in God. Because no matter what the results are — God will be there with me, sitting beside me. He is always there. 

While my husband is just as anxious, he’s also very reassuring. He reminds me that I have very little pain anymore in my hip — some days my sciatic nerve bothers me a bit, but I no longer have any kind of limp. My gait is completely normal — before the holidays I could barely put weight on my left side. All the signs tell us that we’re going to get positive news. So I find the courage to believe and relax. And I don’t have a choice.

So we get to the doctors office and Dr. Goodman’s secretary, Sandy opens the door to take us back to the exam room. AND SHE’S GRINNING EAR TO EAR! “Where your ears burning this morning?” she asks me. I can feel my heart beating inside of my chest, I’m at that moment where she’s going to say something about my scan. “Why? Were you talking about me?” I blurt out as she takes us in the exam room.


We’re doing the happy dance!

“Talking about you! Our entire office is celebrating! Dr. Goodman has shown your scan to everyone who works here, because the results are AMAZING! I’ll let him show you and tell you all about it,” she said. At this point, the relief is overwhelming, and I’m close to just balling in happiness — and I don’t even know what he’s going to say!

I’m sobbing and my husband is smiling beside me, I’m trying to get my composure before Dr. Goodman comes in. Tom is keeping his composure by playing with a knee replacement display. Dr. Goodman comes flying in with his two student doctors. “Pam, your scans are the talk of the office!” he gives me a huge hug and goes on to show me the miraculous results!!! A tumor that took up the entire left side of my pelvic wall — significantly covering my left hip bone, is a fraction of what is was. He went on to show me how the cement he put in the hip bone and the joint had completely healed. There was no tumor on my hip bone at all. The cryoablation procedure dissolved much of the tumor and formed some new bone. What was left of the tumor was totally encased in bone and a fraction of what is was in sheer mass. He explained that because the tumor was on my pelvis, some extra bone there wouldn’t hurt me at all.

He went on to tell me that he had called my other doctors — and Dr. Santos who did the cryoablation procedure in Interventional Radiology. Nobody could have ever guessed that this procedure would have worked so well. It’s not only going to keep the tumor at bay, but it may remove the tumor completely. So we’re getting another scan in two months to see if it continues to “heal.” If not, we can do another cryoablation on what’s left and see if we can completely eradicate it. Ah, the relief is mind blowing.

God is good. I trusted and believed God would see me through the major surgery. That experience by far was the most difficult time of my life. We were at such an indecision to have this radical surgery in the first place. My doctors were at opposite ends of the spectrum on their recommendations. But at the end of the day, we had to take the chance that we could remove the entire tumor.

God made the decision for us and the surgery was aborted when I bled out on the table. I ended up in ICU for the night. By the next day, Dr. Goodman had this wonderful idea to give this procedure a try after walking his dog. In theory it may work. And here we are today — to think this has the potential to eradicate this disease is A M A Z I N G. There’s no other way to explain it — God is always with me and believes in me too. Thanks be to God.

So Tom and I are celebrating this weekend with the Pens game and some drinks at Peters’ Pub with friends. I stocked the bar today! And, we just booked a romantic getaway to Belhurst Castle on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of New York for a few days. That was a special package voucher on TravelZoo and once we got the good news, we knew we were going. We will live life to the fullest everyday and celebrate when we can and give thanks to God.

Always B E L I E V E.

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