“I Have Seen Many Miracles”

The title of tonight’s blog is my favorite quote from Aunt Helen’s daughters at her funeral tonight. I had the chance to talk to Arlene, Nancy and Elaine about all the things that Aunt Helen experienced the last few days leading up to her passing. I had posted earlier that this side of my family was very superstitious and had many stories of an unexplainable nature. Tonight was no exception.

Aunt Helen was on pain medication during her last week, but she was still of sound mind as she knew all those who came to visit. She would comment on things she was seeing that nobody else could see — Nancy was sure that Aunt Helen had been visited by all those who passed. Skeptics would probably say that it was the morphine causing her mind to conjure up these illusions. The night before she passed, she woke up, completely lucid and told Nancy, “I have seen many miracles.” Nancy asked her what she meant and she closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

I had never heard of anyone saying those words as the day drew near for their passing. I’ve been thinking about it all night. I believe that maybe she saw those who had passed — and that alone was miraculous. Or maybe she saw the future and saw miracles happening all around us. Or maybe she saw something even greater — maybe she saw Heaven and all the Saints and Jesus himself. We may never know until that day comes when we are welcomed into Heaven.

Let me know your thoughts!