Love is All We Need

Love is Ale You Need

Love is Ale You Need

I LOVE this little Valentines Day card from Night Owl Paper Goods. LOVE is ALE we NEED. It’s so true, and it’s how we all should look at Valentines Day.

It’s not about whether you’ve finally found the one true love that you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Or whether your husband spends a ridiculous amount of money to bring you a dozen red roses that die in two days. Or whether or not you have someone to take you to dinner, while you wait for an hour and a half to actually get seated. Or whether he gets you that chocolate diamond you’ve been hinting about. These are all the things we think are important on Valentines Days, when in fact, they’re not.

There’s something incredibly wonderful about dedicating a day to LOVE. If every person in the world focused on love for just one day, imagine what a wonderful world it could be! Unfortunately, many people see it as a sad day — they haven’t found love or they’ve lost love, or their relationship is in turmoil — and this day is just a cruel reminder. But in fact, it’s about the love that’s already all around you! So this year, let’s look at it differently. Let’s think about all those people who love us and we love back.

I loved those old school day valentines. Folded in half and stuck in a white envelope.

I loved those old school day valentines. Folded in half and stuck in a white envelope. Compliments of The Vermont Country Store.

Love is All we Need — let’s send Valentines (like we did in second grade) to each other, so I can tell you how much you mean to me! Stupid, silly little cards. I want to make them and stamp them with — Love is All we Need.

I want to send one to my Mom who has been alone since May 2002. She misses Dad everyday. We all do. She already knows this, but on Valentines Days, I want to tell her I love her, my husband Tom loves her, Bob loves her, Debbie loves her, Scott loves her, Tommy loves her, and her grandchildren, Megan and Tara love her — and she has so much love around her — Love is All she Needs. And I can see her putting the silly cards on her refrigerator with her signature smile and humble thank you — and at that moment I know Dad will be with us, and there will be more love around us than getting any dozen red roses or waiting an hour and a half for dinner.

I’ll send one to Tom’s Mom in Phoenix, AZ. So she too is reminded on Valentines Day that we love her. She opens a goofy little card from me that makes her laugh at the nostalgia — and Love is All she Needs! I can see sit her sitting in the living room just thinking about how nice it was to be remembered.

And to my friends, you know who you are. I would make you special valentines. And your cards would say…

Just  B E L I E V E

for true love is coming your way. Oh, it does exist. God has a plan for you. But until then, you believe with all your heart and remember how much love is already around you. So this Valentines Day, no matter if we are married, single, dating, alone, not quite sure, we will celebrate all the love in this world and all that good. Imagine sending all that positive love into the universe.

Let me know your thoughts!