A Time to Believe

I received this wonderful email from my neighbors Dan and Deb while in the hospital. They felt it was something I needed to read at this time. I opened it and the title “A Time to Believe” stopped me in my tracks. The entire post below is from Dr. Kevin Elko and was sent as a Christmas card.

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From: Dr. Kevin Elko
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 10:20 AM
Subject: December 2012 Newsletter

A Time to Believe


At the Mint Museum in Charlotte, at a speaking engagement and book signing of “The Pep Talk,” I autographed a book for a woman’s infant daughter. I signed it, “To Gracie Lynn, God has a plan for you. Jeremiah 29:11.” Usually I sign books “Pay attention to your ’68’,” a story about hockey player Jaromir Jagr and his number’s being related to the Nazi occupation of his country; but this time I signed differently.

Making my way to the plane, I received a call about how this mother wanted urgently to talk to me, so I called. She was crying. She told me that earlier she had had two miscarriages, became pregnant a third time, and had had no hope of delivering. Then, she had attended a Christmas Eve service, picked up the bulletin, and read its cover: “God has a plan for you. Jeremiah 29:11.” She said instantly all doubts vanished; she knew she was having the baby and that God had ordained her child as his. When Gracie Lynn was born, the parents announced in the newspaper: “Gracie Lynn is here and God has a plan for her.” The mother commissioned an artist to paint across her nursery wall, “God has a plan for you!” The mother said, “We came to hear you speak and you wrote the same thing in her book.”

This year, a very close friend, Chuck Pagano, the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was diagnosed with leukemia. As he received treatment the night before his team’s third game, which he was to watch from his hospital bed, Chuck listened to my five-minute message about Gracie Lynn, and then I asked him to whisper over and over until he fell asleep, “God has a plan for me, Jeremiah 29:11.” He did. Most nights previously had been full of night sweats as the chemotherapy was working through his body, but that night he had none and slept. When he woke, the hospital staff checked his blood count and said, “Your blood count has changed so drastically and improved through the last 24 hours that you can go home!” He was not scheduled to go home for another two weeks.

This season, realize that God has a plan for you. He has handpicked you. And when He did, He knew exactly what He had planned for you. Understand that fact with all your being. Whisper the phrase “God has a plan for me” until it fills up your consciousness and causes changes to occur. To be conscious of this fact would be a gift you give yourself. Throughout your day, meditate on that phrase, “God has a plan for me,” allowing it to “play” over and over in your mind until you actually believe it, giving yourself this gift of God’s plan. Then, watch the real magic take place.

Pearl Bailey said that people see God all the time; they just don’t recognize him. Along these lines, one Christmas a woman saw a boy in a toy store, and she could tell by the way he was dressed that he didn’t have much. She told him to pick out a toy, took him to the register, and bought him the toy. The little boy asked, “Lady, are you God?” She laughed and said, “No, I am just one of God’s children.” The little boy said, “I knew you were related.”

During this season, people look for the Divine, for miracles, for angels, special beings doing miraculous things for others. Many people hold their breath, waiting for an angel to present itself so they can mark this time as special. Job 42:5 says at the end of Job’s struggles, “I have heard about you with my ear but now I have seen you.” I have a recommendation that will 100% guarantee you will see an angel this holiday: go be one. Be an angel to someone else, even someone you don’t know. Plan it with your family, to be an angel on purpose.

I know a family—a mother, father and two children—who wait by the cash register at WalMart on Christmas Eve; there, they find a poor, overburdened mother, who doesn’t have money, coming through the checkout with a bicycle that she has to take home for child. At that point, one of the children from the family of four observing the mother steps up to the cash register to pay for the bike. The mother cries, every time, and as if seeing a miraculous event, guess what the mother says to the child? “You must be an angel.” And, indeed, all those people there that holiday night have seen an angel.

Enjoy this season. God has a plan for you.

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